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The Australian Minister of Health announced on Wednesday (10.20.2021) that Australia has been able to vaccinate 70% of its population over the age of 16 with the full guideline against COVID-19, a major milestone in the government’s plan to reopen the country.

Greg Hunt, who has served as health secretary throughout the peripheral nation’s health crisis, noted in a press conference that the figure reached represented a “national level” step toward a new phase of the pandemic.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison thanked his countrymen for their efforts in a message posted on social media.

After reaching the aforementioned mark, the country began easing restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the virus, although it will prioritize fully vaccinated people over those with a single dose or without a dose.

Australia, which recently abandoned its strict population restriction strategy after discovering a few cases of COVID-19, is making progress on a vaccination campaign that started months later than other developed countries due to logistics difficulties, among other things.

This new phase of the epidemic in Australia will make isolation orders more likely.

Restrictions eased in Sydney and Melbourne

However, different jurisdictions in the country are progressing at different rates: while New South Wales reached 80% full vaccination over the weekend, Victoria, which has kept Melbourne locked down since August, plans to reach 70% this Thursday and it will do so . Be out of quarantine the next day.

Travel restrictions between Sydney and Melbourne, Australia’s largest city, are

From Australia, on Wednesday, as Victoria opened its border to the border from New South Wales amid a rapid rise in immunization levels.

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One of the most lagging states is Western Australia, which has been living a normal practice for months and has vaccinated 55% of its population.

Australia has accumulated about 150,000 infections and more than 1,550 deaths since the start of the pandemic.

GC (EFE, Reuters)

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