Australia presents plan to end the extinction of native species

The Australian government Tuesday called to end his extinction Unique types of plants and animalsthreatened by human activity and extreme weather events such as the major fires of 2019 and 2020.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s government has announced a ten-year plan to halt this trend in 110 “priority species” and prevent further decline in 20 “priority sites”.

The goal is to prevent any new extinction of plants or animals and to conserve at least 30% of Australian land.

“We are determined to give wildlife a better chance,” Environment Minister Tanya Pleibersic said.

Government It included 15 new plants and animals in the threatened species list, which enjoy special protection under environmental law.

These include the Queensland gray viper, the small wallaby that is threatened by fire and predators, and a species of small, wingless grasshopper sensitive to drought and fire.

Environmental groups have welcomed the government’s goal though They asked to strengthen environmental law which has so far failed in its attempt to protect plants and animals.

The goal is “ambitious but necessary if future generations of Australians want to see animals like koalas,” said Pasha Stasak, director of the Nature Program at Conservation Australia.

Stasack estimated the cost of curbing Australia’s “extinction crisis” at about $1 billion annually.

The NGO WWF-Australia has also asked the government to invest in recovery plans for more than 1,900 threatened species in the country and not just for the “110 winners,” said Rachel Lowry, director of conservation.

“Wildlife and wild places in Australia are in a downward spiral,” he said.

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