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Australian emergency services on Thursday (03.03.2022) ordered the evacuation of 200,000 people as a powerful storm advanced towards Sydney, which left devastating floods and 13 deaths in the past week on the east coast of the country.

Authorities have issued severe rain and wind warnings for a 400 km stretch of coastline that includes areas on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia’s largest city where 5 million people live.

The unpredictable storm has moved south from Queensland to New South Wales, leaving behind devastation from surging rivers and reservoirs that caused severe flooding, with towns covered to the surface.

“A lot of people are waking up today to see part of their state under water,” said New South Wales regional leader Dominic Beirut.

“If you are the subject of one of these evacuation orders, please leave (…) things will get worse before they get better,” he told a news conference.

Authorities ordered 200,000 people to leave their homes and notified another 300,000 to prepare to do the same.

A dam in southwest Sydney, which supplies 80% of the city with water, has overflowed since early Wednesday, accelerating flooding in some areas.

Forecasters expected the storm to drop between 50 and 150 millimeters of rain during the day in and around Sydney, or even more.

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