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Newsletter for Friday, July 22, 2022
NCAP: From crash testing to climate change security screening

Australia is reviewing NCAP’s safety standards for new vehicles and, in the future, will check whether cars are ready for one of the consequences of climate change. Aston Martin treats itself with a new logo for the eighth time.

Climate change doesn’t stop at anything. Not even before the NCAP test. But don’t make you think (perhaps inspired by current temperatures) that the Safety Association is trying to melt cars or evaluate air conditioning performance these days rather than crash them. Due to the sharp increase in the number of flood disasters in Australia, the NCAP Consortium has now developed a Flood Safety Assessment. My colleague Uli Baumann wrote when the new vehicle inspection will take effect and what exactly Australians want to check.

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Photolia / Photocrio Bednarik

The topic of brand maintenance is known to be difficult terrain. Especially when you want to update difficult things like a logo or slogan. With fresh money from Saudi investors behind it, Aston Martin is now taking the plunge and treating itself, among other things, to a new logo – although the wording of “new” seems a little too big at first glance – and perhaps also at second and third glance. My colleague Holger Wittich knows how Aston’s logos have changed over time and what exactly has changed with the new logo. By the way, my favorite logo is obviously the one from 1939.

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