Australia is building a submarine base to defend the Indo-Pacific region

Sydney, Australia /

On Monday, the Australian government announced the construction of a new submarine base on the east coast of the country to deal with threats in the Indo-Pacific region. After the controversial agreement that Allows the construction of nuclear submarines with American technology.

“Threats from state and non-state actors are spreading in our region. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at a Lowy Institute event that militarism is rapidly expanding and developing.

The Australian president explicitly referred to the expansion of China, An important trading partner for Australia but with which it maintains strong diplomatic tension, it claims virtually all islands and atolls in the South China Sea, a major maritime trade route rich in natural resources.

“There is no doubt that China is more assertive and uses its power in ways that worry countries in the region and beyond.” Morrison added, referring to Beijing’s territorial claims, which contrast with those of Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Taiwan.

Australia, which in September signed an agreement Defense with the United States and the United Kingdom that gives them access to build nuclear submarines with United States technology, It will invest about 10 million Australian dollars (7 million 392 thousand US dollars) in its new base.

Similarly, Morrison warned that the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which China did not denounce, “It is a reminder that despite Australia’s focus on the Indo-Pacific region, Events in other parts of the planet will have an impact on that strategic region.

The new base, in principle, would house the aforementioned new nuclear submarines whose agreement, called AUKUS for the countries that comprise it, created trouble with France by breaking a sealed contract. In 2016 to acquire submarines from the French company Naval Group.

Australia, a country that is also part of a four-way security agreement called QUAD with the United States, Japan and India to uphold the rule of law, It currently has a base for the six Collins submarines in the southwestern city of Perth.

Canberra has yet to announce where the new base will be located, the first major building since the Darwin Barracks built in the 1990s, although Morrison said three sites are between the two cities. Brisbane, Port Kembla and Newcastle, the latter two near Sydney.


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