Australia imposes direct sanctions on dictator Alexander Lukashenko and his family

Australia imposes sanctions on dictator Alexander Lukashenko and his family

Australian authorities said on Friday that Canberra will impose direct sanctions against Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko and his familyas well as against 22 Russian disinformation agents.

“The Government of Belarus, Under Lukashenko’s presidency, he continues to provide strategic support to Russia and its military forces in their attack on Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.The Australian Department of Foreign Affairs said in a statement.

“Since the invasion, it has allowed Russia to launch ballistic missiles from the country into Ukraine, allowed (Belarus) to transport Russian military personnel, heavy weapons and tanks to Ukraine, provided refueling points in Belarus for Russian military aircraft and stored Russian weapons and military equipment.

Therefore, the Australian authorities Sanctions were imposed on the Belarusian dictator, against his son Viktor Lukashenko, who held high national security positions, and against his wife Galina LukashenkoFirst Lady of Belarus.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison

In addition, Australia has added 22 other Russian disinformation agents, including members of the media Russia Today, The Thought Center Strategic Culture Foundation, news portal InfoRos and the location NewsFront.

Australia has already imposed sanctions on 32 Kremlin advocates, reflecting the strategic importance of disinformation in Russia’s attempts to legitimize Putin’s illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

Actions announced on Friday In addition to the sanctions previously imposed on 13 Belarusian individuals and entities, including Belarusian Minister of Defense Viktor Khrinin, They played a role of great strategic importance to Russia by allowing Russia to launch attacks from Belarus.

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for this part, On Thursday, Canada imposed new sanctions on 160 members of the Russian Senate and announced that it would donate funds to the World Hunger Program.and the World Health Organization and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This was confirmed on his official Twitter account by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who bypassed the sanctions Announce funding for organizations “that can provide immediate assistance to those on the ground.”

The Russian embassy in Canada highlighted on the same social network that “the Trudeau government’s decision to blacklist members of the Russian Senate is an absurd gesture and a demonstration of the impotence of Western sanctions policy.”

In this context, according to the Canadian series CBCCanada is studying ways to supply more weapons to Ukrainian soldiers, Trudeau said Thursday after an emergency meeting with NATO leaders.

“We will continue to try to help in the best possible way, and since Zelensky has ordered several new equipment, we are considering what we can send.”Trudeau noted.

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