Australia Creates Government Post Signaling Possible Impeachment of Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State | News from Mexico

Australia. – Australia now has a job called Assistant Minister of the Republicwhich raises the possibility that Queen Elizabeth II is no longer head of state.

New Prime Minister Anthony Albanese Sidney MP Matt Thistlethwaite, 51, a leading figure in the party, has been chosen for the position.

Although the conversion to a republic was not in the Albanian manifesto, Former Labor leaders have promised so.

In a 1999 referendum, a 55 percent voted Against the Republic, which kept Commonwealth property And the position of head of state for the Queen.

The move was welcomed by the Australian Republican Movement, which is fighting for an Australian head of state.

‘We’re on our way!’ Prominent Republican and author Peter Fitz Simmons tweeted.

He added, “Let the record go that for the first time in the history of the Commonwealth, Australia has a member of the government dedicated specifically to removing the crown and helping Australia become a republic.”

Albanese previously described Australia as becoming a republic “inevitable”.

And his party’s social media posted the following statement:

The Head of State of Australia must live here, be a proud Australian and be able to unite our nation in times of celebration or crisis, something that no King or Queen of the United Kingdom can do or achieve. This designation will help make this a reality.

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