Australia celebrates AC/DC’s 50th anniversary with some band coins

“That’s two and a half Angus Youngs” might be the phrase you get from any Australian store from now on when you go shopping for anything. Which is that they took some coins with the band’s photos to pay a small tribute to half a century of rock band Angus and his bandmates.

In the end, they will just be college items that cannot be used on a daily basis, but will still be in high demand. will be the currency royal australian coinage, It is the government agency responsible for providing the coins in circulation in the country. The photo chosen is that of Angus Young, in his usual uniform, jumping on one leg. Come on, the legendary move of Angus.

The versions you’ll be able to find are the following: a silver $1 that will cost $90, and a set of quarters colored to look like a disc, which will cost around $110. All of them are in a personal case. If the idea convinces you, you can buy coins at

I do not think this is the first time that Royal Australian Coinage Produces gang coins, but it’s the third. Two years ago, they released a box containing original covers of the Australian band’s albums. Show the most important: “high voltage” And the “TNT” And the ‘Dirty deeds done are cheap’ And the “Behind the Blacks” And the “For those about to rock” s “Ballbreaker”. The roadcase box set edition included a seventh AC/DC collector’s coin. Four years ago, the Royal Australian Mint celebrated AC/DC’s 45th anniversary by launching a similar series.

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