Australia bronze in the world in Terrassa with two goals from Kershaw

Australia Won the bronze medal World Cup Terrassa After returning 2-1 to Germany In the penultimate match of the tournament.

Germany entered the match with more force and in the 13th minute, a great personal work by Lina Michel with great control and a powerful shot made it 0-1.

Valentin Altenberg’s team practically maintained their dominance in the first three quarters against Australia, who kept their chances thanks to goalkeeper Jocelyn Bartrand.

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The Hoqueiros responded in the final stage of the third quarter with a first penalty kick in the match, but without the success they enjoyed in the quarter-final against Spain.

The game entered another dimension in the last quarter when she did a great personal job Stephanie Kershaw It was 1-1.

Chances followed between the two teams creating plenty of work for goalkeepers Bertram and Kopalski.

Australia benefited from the good feeling after the equalizer, and once again Man of the Match Kershaw scored a cross to make it 2-1.

data sheet

2 – Australia: Jocelyn Bartram Claire Colwell, Ambrosia Malone, Amy Lawton, Benny Squibb, Maddie Fitzpatrick, Harriet Shand, Stephanie Kershaw (2), Jane Claxton, Rebecca Greiner, Grace Stewart (Alicia Power, Greta Hayes, Kaitlyn Nobbs, Renee Taylor, Maria Williams, Carrie Somerville, Hannah Klum Sanders).
1 – Germany: Natalie Kopalsky, Amelie Wartman, Nike Lorenz, Anne Schroeder, Lena Michel, Charlotte Stappenhurst, Sonya Zimmerman, Pauline Heinz, Cecil Bieber, Victoria Hughes, Hana Granitsky (Julia Sontag, Celine Oroz, Elisa Graf, Bia Mertens, Jeannette Fleischutz),
the reviewer: Alison Keough (Ireland) and Erin Brysinke (Argentina)
Molecules: 0-1, 0-0, 0-0, 2-0
Objectives: 0-1, M 13, Lina Michel; 1-1, AD 47: Stephanie Kershaw; 2-1, Libra 56: Stephanie Kershaw.
Accidents: A match for the bronze medal in the Women’s Field Hockey World Cup was held at the Olympic Stadium in Terrassa.

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