Australia believes the cybercriminals behind Medibank are in Russia | cyber crime

In its second major cyber attack in a matter of weeks, Australian police have revealed that those responsible for the data breach of private health insurance company Medibank are in Russia.. This breach is likely to become a more harmful incident than the Optus telco breach, which affected a third of the population. In this case, the names, dates of birth, phone numbers and email addresses of 9.7 million customers have been accessed As well as medical records related to diagnosis and abortion.

“Our intelligence points to a group of loosely linked cybercriminals who are likely to be responsible for serious abuses in countries around the world.”As AFP commissioner Reese Kershaw points out. He himself confirmed that he would contact the Russian police and Interpol.

The investigation intensified after cybercriminals demanded a ransom from the company for the stolen data, but it refused.

Since the Optus breach, the country has revealed more incidents. Some are smaller, such as Telstra, a supplier to Optus itself, which only affected its own employees. Also MyDeal, which belongs to the Woolworths Group convenience store chain, which revealed the use of compromised user credentials to access its CRM system, exposing the email addresses of 2.2 million users.

For its part, the Australian Ministry of Defense has also suffered from a ransomware In association with Australian Clinical Labs and SSKB. This has led to consultation on amending privacy legislation. One of the changes the government has promoted is to increase penalties for “serious or repeated interference.”.

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