Augsburg region: a series of robberies in the Augsburg region: the police arrested the suspect

In a bunker in Statzling, the criminal police in Augsburg arrested a 51-year-old man. He is said to be responsible for more than 100 robberies in the Augsburg region.

The Augsburg criminal police have arrested a 51-year-old man who was said to be responsible for more than 100 robberies in the Augsburg region in recent months. This was announced by the police headquarters in North Swabia on Monday noon. According to this, the man was found and arrested last Friday around 11:20 pm in a bunker in Stätzling (Aichach-Friedberg district). According to the police, the suspect is a Romanian citizen and does not have permanent residence in Germany.

The criminal police in Augsburg arrested thieves in Statzling

In order to arrest the man, the police recently announced a request for information and a photo from a surveillance camera. The Bavarian Criminal Police Office offered a reward of 1,000 euros for information. According to the police, the man is said to have gained access to commercial properties several times in the past few years – such as restaurants, kiosks or club houses. He is said to have stolen merchandise and cash with a high five-digit euro value. Property damage from burglaries is said to be in the low six-figure range.

The 51-year-old is allegedly responsible for burglaries in the northern parts of Augsburg, as well as in Koenigsbrunn and neighboring towns in eastern and northeastern Augsburg. The man is said to have mostly cycled during his rides. It is currently being determined whether he has one or more partners. As a police spokesperson explained when asked, according to the current state of knowledge, there are many indications that he is “at least for the most part acting alone”.

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Robbery Series: Suspect in custody

According to a police spokesperson, the hiding place was at Stätzling’s, which was not in a populated area. The man allowed himself to be caught without resistance, but responded with surprise. After his arrest, the suspect appeared before an investigating judge at the Augsburg District Court on Saturday. There, the arrest warrant requested by the Augsburg Prosecutor’s Office was executed. The 51-year-old is in custody.

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