Augsburg: Black-Green wants to make urban space for climate activists

The Augsburg Alliance wants to give climate initiatives more opportunities to participate. What that means in terms of the climate camp isn’t entirely clear.

The government’s black and green coalition wants to make urban space available for climate activists. The city has already decided on some important goals, according to the leader of the parliamentary Greens group, Peter Rausher. “But we also need the support of the city’s community and the commitment of activists, who continue to excite people and remind them of the gravity of the situation in order to fulfill our responsibility to future generations,” says Rausher.

His colleague at CSU, Leo Dietz, says participatory processes are about “not just talking and protesting, but actively helping to shape things.” This is the call for committed climate advocates. Discord can also be discussed in the room. Given the city’s limited budget, an existing room should be used.

Mayor Eva Weber invites climate camp activists to engage in dialogue

The word “climate camp” does not appear in the application, although the paper appears to be a continuation of the mayor’s request Eva Weber (CSU) that the last time the Climate Camp asked to enter into a dialogue with the city was when the Future Prize was awarded. The city may want to try to bring at least some climate activists to the negotiating table with this offer. At the same time, it is noticeable that the application strongly refers to all climate initiatives in Augsburg taken. This suggests that the public perception of other actions must be strengthened in this way, so that the climate camp does not have the sole authority to explain them. (drunk)

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