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– In addition to big victories like the Junior World Championships or the Tour de France, Leonard Kamna also has to take mental breaks. The Giro d’Italia appears to be in strong shape again.

Leonard Kamna “In a Good Mood” by Giro d’Italia. This might just be a side note for a professional cyclist, but it’s worth mentioning for the very talented guy from Fidel.

With cycling also on our minds, the former junior world champion only took a break a year ago due to mental issues, just around nine months after returning in February. A few weeks later, he won another stage at the Rota del Sol and in the opening match of the Giro in Hungary, the 25-year-old presented himself in an attacking mood as if he had never turned away.

An attack at the start that terrified the field and eighth place in the Budapest trial was good for “self-confidence”, but it also documented the great potential of Kamna, who has big plans for the three weeks: “When I’m in when I’m in separation there is always a chance to win. My goal is to follow stages.” Sports director Rolf Aldaj thinks he can, and many think he does: “Lenny has the freedom, he has the wheel of a racing instinct,” Eurosport’s Aldaj said.

Kamna: I found “lust” again

Not only because of his furious on-stage victory at the 2020 Tour de France, when he ditched Olympic champion and former Giro champion Richard Carapaz on his way to Villard-de-Lans, Kämna is a huge promise for the future. But then there was calm around him again. Kamna got off his bike, and didn’t want to talk about it anymore. “If I had dried out completely, I would have said I don’t feel like it anymore,” Kamna said at the beginning of the year. He had to struggle with similar problems in the Sunweb team.

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He found desire again at Cape Epic, a mountain bike race in South Africa. “I rode there just for fun, without any pressure to perform,” Kamna recently told SportBuild. She added, “But when I saw the other drivers fighting for victory, it hit me again.
Tingling in the legs. That was a sign: Now things are really starting over. “He found mechanisms that would not allow himself to be dragged by mathematical failures. A sports psychologist also helped him.

Teammate Dumoulin ‘in the best shape’

KAMNA is not an isolated case in cycling. Former Giro winner Tom Dumoulin, with whom he had ridden together on Team Sunweb, also took a longer break. He is also in contact with the Dutchman via WhatsApp. “A great driver, an absolute champion,” Kamna enthuses enthusiastically: “From what I heard from him, he’s definitely at his best. He’ll be in a good mood.”

Dumoulin has reached the top of the world, and many experts also believe that the Kamna is capable of it. Strong in the mountains, plus an excellent time trial – the North German, whose height is 1.81 meters and weighs only 65 kilograms, actually has everything he needs to finish the lead. The captain’s role at Kamna this season is not planned, and team boss Ralph Dink does not want to increase the pressure.

In Italy, Kamna is also said to have been assisted by his three captains Emmanuel Buchmann, Wilko Kieldermann (Netherlands) and Guy Hindley (Australia). Kamna says he has a “good feeling” for Buchmann. “It looks decent and it looks very decent.” This also applies to Kamna.

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