At the starting line, used cooking oils are collected

(Teleborsa) – In Scandiano Municipality Coordination with Irene environment Devise a way to collect Waste oils for home use. This is what Irene said in a note announcing that 15 containers will soon be placed to collect the used oil in Scandiano.

Irene explains that the oil used for frying is often disposed of in the least appropriate way, and is often disposed of directly into the sump, causing serious problems for filtration systems. In fact, oil, which has a specific weight less than water, floats on it and creates a thin layer that suffocates the water to be purified, preventing the action of activated sludge. So it must necessarily be removed with Long oil separations.

I am Collection containers will be located on the following streets: Via Resta (Vic. Circolo) – Loc. Iano / Ca ‘Di Caroli; Trans per Viano – Locke. Rondinara. Via delle scuole (vic. Circolo) – Loc. Bratisolo. Via Goti – Loc. windy; Locke. San Rufino (Priest’s Tomb); Via Mezzaluna – Loc. Chioza. Trans per Marmerolo – Locke. Cachiola. Via Joya – Locke. Bosco. Via Brugnoletta – Loc. Flegara. Via Bergante – Locke. Archetto. Via Pagliani – Loc. Archetto. Via Beucci – Cappuccini region; Across Europe – the Peskina region; Via Mazzini (Vic Konad); Via Cesari.

“These – IRIN confirms – yellow packaging, clearly visible, large capacity, easy to access, in which used oil from frying and generally used oils from food use can be given away, by using disposable containers, such as plastic bottles, tossing out a fully sealed bottle. In a street container. You don’t have to pour the oil directly into the container But put it in disposable bottles. “

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