At risk of not traveling to the World Cup in Finland

status for US women’s national team Complicated because they couldn’t leave our country for their first commitment to World Championship specialty Finland To start on July 30th.

The discontent has gone elsewhere, what the girls want now is support to travel on a private trip, but they need to raise about four million pesos for this.

“What we are watching is departure on a private plane, what we need now are donations, support and anything that helps us reach our destination. Whether it’s 100 pesos, or a thousand, or two thousand, or three thousand, anything that can help us. It all adds up,” asked one of the players.

from your side Paula Tovalincoming from MemorizesThey indicated that if they did not travel tonight, the possibility of a final could escape them.

“The agencies are not responding anymore. What we’re looking at now is to get a charter to leave because of the question if we’re traveling tonight or at dawn, we’ll arrive on Saturday, which is our game day, in case that’s not today. Charter, it’ll be travel tomorrow, but we’ll be arriving On Sunday we automatically lose the ability to play the final. We were playing in the other matches, but we will no longer be able to reach the final,” he said. Paula Tovalin.

The volatility does not end there to return to Mexico They will have to raise money again for another trip.

“It will be four million going, but we do not have the return. We will all have to post as much as possible on social networks so that we are economically solvent and able to return.” Tovalin.

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