At least 14 sperm whales have died after being stranded in South Australia

Sydney (Australia), 20 September. At least 14 sperm whales have died after being stranded on a beach on King Island, South Australia, the country’s authorities said Tuesday.

The mammals perished after being trapped Monday afternoon, the heads of the Department of Natural Resources and Marine Conservation of Tasmania, to which King Island belongs, said today in a statement.

“It is possible that the sperm whales belong to the same group: young males who came together after leaving the maternal group,” the Australian department said in a statement, explaining that it was “not uncommon” to see these mammals through bass. The strait that separates the island from Australia and Tasmania and where King’s Island is located.

Teams of biologists conduct an aerial examination of the area in case other specimens are stranded in the vicinity.

Authorities also indicated that a group of veterinarians are traveling to the scene to take samples of dead sperm whales and to proceed with an autopsy to try to establish the causes of stranding.

These and other marine mammals are often stranded on the coasts of southern Australia and New Zealand, without experts being able to explain the causes, although they usually attribute them to diseases, navigation errors, sudden changes in the tides, predatory persecution, or extreme weather conditions. EFE


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