Assessment of infrastructure problems in the Angolan capital

Luanda, Oct. 19 (Prensa Latina) The President of Angola, Joao Lourenço, today chaired a special session of the Council of Ministers to search for solutions to the infrastructure problems in Luanda Province, the most complex in the country.

With around 10 million inhabitants, the district faces the challenge of servicing nearly a third of the national population, in addition to serving as the headquarters for important institutions and businesses located in the capital.

Wednesday’s meeting at the Presidential Palace in Ciudad Alta allowed a dialogue to take place between the central executive and local authorities, represented by the regional governor, Manuel Homem, who took office recently after the general elections that took place last August 24.

Speaking on public television, Houmann explained that the meeting made it possible to assess the situation and projects in key areas such as education, health, transportation, basic sanitation, public lighting, security and mobility.

The leader noted that for various reasons, many investments are currently paralyzed and one of the goals of the exchange was to clarify and resume these initiatives, bearing in mind their impact on the lives of the residents.

As detailed, part of the institutions are supervised by the central government and others respond to the decisions of the provinces, hence the importance of concerted efforts.

Among the problems identified, he mentioned the need to increase the number of public schools and improve the condition of secondary and university roads, as well as highways and bypasses.

He noted that the National Executive is interested in finding financial and administrative solutions to improve public services in the province of Luanda.

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