Assault on Cristina Fernandez: Her lawyer announces there will be more arrests and an enlightening video | international

The lawyer explained that Cristina Fernandez had her doubts and an idea of ​​what could happen. The footage will be delivered on Monday as “two people who look like police or services” are seen.

Juan Manuel Opera, Argentine Vice President Advocate, Cristina Fernandez, He stressed that more arrests will be made soon for the attempt to assassinate the former president.

The lawyer said, according to what was recorded Argentina News.

In an interview with Let’s Do Something With This, at La990, a representative of the Senate President expected that next Monday he would present “two videos showing that one of the detainees has been taken by a couple. of persons who appear to be policemen or services.”

“There is clearly something behind all of this,” Obera cautioned, noting that he “has set a lot of eyes on the city police in the previous days.”

When asked about the possibility of new arrests in the coming days, the lawyer replied: “I think so.” He explained, “I rule out being a bunch of lunatics or a loose wolf. It’s an essential organization that has to have some kind of super leadership,” he noted.

Referring to the last detainee, Gabriel Carrizo, The ex-president’s representative noted that it was “surprisingly many things, such as the fact that her attorney was an official at the United States Embassy.”

“It has the characteristics of a regulator and now we intend to find out who is the head of that structure,” he said.

Cristina Fernandez’s doubts

He also noted that the vice president’s defense had a hypothesis about who the detainees would respond to, but he preferred not to elaborate. Profile personly.

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“We have an idea of ​​what’s going on, but we’re working on the test topic. You have to do things very well, because it’s a very sensitive fact,” he said.

“I’m not very interested in ties (with right-wing groups), which sooner or later will end up leaving, but what worries me most is who funds them. It seems that someone in a certain kind of field has given wings to these people.”

He concluded, “This kind of organization must be nipped in the bud, because not only the life of the person I represent and his family is at stake, but also the somewhat democratic way of life we ​​have been leading since 1983.”

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