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Ascoli Calcio and the Northern Sixth Group They also enter into a three-year sponsorship agreement, until the 2024/25 sports season. United States HoldingsAnd the In addition to owning a 19% stake in the company, he became the official sponsor of Juventus FC.

Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC SpA announces that it has stipulated June 30, 2022 with a US contract Northern Sixth GroupThree-year sponsorship agreement. Thus, the group becomes the official sponsor of Juventus FC “We are honored to be working alongside Patron Pulcinelli, the entire company family and our sponsors. It has been a wonderful year, giving us many beautiful sentiments and we are determined to continue to make an important contribution in the coming years both in terms of economic and operational resources, so as to represent the glorious name of Ascoli Calcio in the world.” Suspension Matt Rizzetta, Chairman of North Sixth Group.

Matt Rizzetta is the president of North Sixth Group. Entrepreneur, investor, and author, she was the CEO of a leading PR firm N6A Until 2020. Under his stewardship of the Rizzetta, N6A has become one of the top 50 agencies in the United States according to the Observer. From 2021, the new venture will expand and diversify business interests to include more companies in the marketing, technology, sports and entertainment sectors. Among these, the acquisition of Ascoli FC.

From New York to Ascoli Piceno

North Sixth Group is an American company that provides strategic services, operational expertise, and capital. In the corporate portfolio, a diverse group of businesses range from professional services, marketing, media, technology, sports and entertainment. The main goal is to develop networks of relationships for value creation. In Italy, he had already invested in Campobasso Athletic Club in December 2020. An investment that lasted about a year. During the company’s promotional period, sponsors Clay Media and two listings of None. In addition, the video project gave way to the “underdogs” and also some friction with Hally Holding, the current majority. Another indirect investment in Italy is in America tomorrow, The premier digital community for Italian Americans. One with Ascoli Calcio is currently the only investment in the sports and leisure sector.

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