Artificial intelligence confirms Diaz imbalance at Liverpool

Luis Diaz is the footballer that fans dream of joining their club.that’s how he knows woman The impact the Colombian had in his early months at Liverpool, which is with him He has already won the Carabao Cup and aims for the Champions League, FA Cup and the Premier League, Finally, waiting for Manchester City to stumble.

Four great goals in two tournaments, passes in the category, like last weekend with scissors Origi’s winning goal in the Merseyside derbya variety of productive luxuries and all his talent for Liverpool to be constantly praised and raise his numbers, It is now validated by artificial intelligence applied before Olusep.

Diaz, in the top five in terms of value for Liverpool

AI takes into account the quality of actions over the quantity or frequency of the same. The value increases positively when someone increases the likelihood of their team scoring and reduces the chances of conceding goals.

In this arrangement of thoughts, Diaz is the fourth player from the Reds team to achieve the most value per game with 0.38, He was surpassed by Mohamed Salah in first place in the standings with a score of 0.46, Trent Alexander-Arnold (0.44) and Diogo Jota (0.41).

He is better than Mane in this respect

This company made a more detailed comparison between the Colombian and Sadio Mane, with whom he has competed on occasions for a place in the 11th Ljurgen Klopp, although they can also (and have done so many times) play together, with Diaz as winger and the Senegalese from ‘9, and The data for each game is favorable for Lucho.

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  • Total: Diaz (0.38) / Mane (0.28)
  • hurtful: Diaz (0.12) / Mane (0.11)
  • defensive: Diaz (0.04) / Mane (0.03)
  • build the game: Diaz (0.22) / Mane (0.16)

above many stars

Olusep Diaz value added In the first part of the season with Porto and since joining Liverpool earlier this year and has 0.64 per game, He beats world stars such as Mbappe and Vinicius with a score of 0.63 each. Lewandowski with 0.54 and his son 0.52.

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