Arizona is building a container wall against immigrants

governor ArizonaDoug Ducey, continues to install A.J container wall On the the border with Mexico To prevent the entry of illegal immigrants.

Contractors put the containers in a 10-mile gap Cochise Countyon the border with Mexico.

This work is in addition to the 4.8 kilometers of containers that have been put in Yuma County It was last August when Ducey announced his new plan to curb illegal crossings of immigrants.

mega placement metal containersWhich are stacked on top of the other to achieve a height of up to 6.7 meters, the subject of criticism by environmental advocates, who asserted that the barrier would cause serious disruption to the movement of various species in the area.

Environmentalists hope that once she becomes the state’s governor, Katie Hobbs will take action to remove the containers.

So far the Democrat has not commented on the matter, but he has previously suggested that containers could be repurposed as affordable housing.

In turn, the federal government’s Bureau of Reclamation asked Ducey in October to remove the containers from the border, something the governor refused.

With information from EFE

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