Argentina: I was kicked out of the supermarket and bottles of wine were broken

Argentina: I was kicked out of the supermarket and broke dozens of bottles of wine
Broken wine bottles to release them. The events took place in Argentina. Photo: (illustrative).

a ex worker celebrity supermarket in Argentina made Widely in social networks, After breaking dozens of wine bottles In retaliation for firing her from her job.

Women, identified as Evelyn Roldan was arrested in video to supermarket customersWho recorded the outburst of anger that cost him 30 hours in detention.

In the registrationRises to social networksobserved in ex worker throw dozens of wine bottleswhile chanting slogans against them former presidents and other local employeesbad handlersreceived during her appointment.

he did Widely The video that prompted it Fame in all Argentina, Evelyn Roldan by local media noon newsAnd the The channel in which she stated that her reaction was because she was fired from work without justification.

In addition to the above, the Women Take advantage of the spotlight mentioned above news channel To apologize for his violent reaction, but deplore that it was motivated by bad handlers who – which suffer and the low salary What do you envision in supermarket.

“They paid me 52,000 pesos (about 8,000 Mexican pesos) a month for nine hours a day, Monday through Saturday. When we complained, the manager said, ‘If you don’t like it, there’s the door, go away.'”

He explained to the media mentioned.

After the events that occurred and the end of the arrest hours, Evelyn Roldan issued. It is not known whether the series supermarket accused him of dozens wine bottles broken.

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