Argentina and Switzerland have agreed to continue trading in organic products

Buenos Aires – Officials National Agrifood Health and Quality Service (Senasa) And the Swiss Federal Office of Agriculture (FOAG)Where to hold a virtual meeting Agreed to extend the validity of the Argentine organic production system formulas. in this way The European country confirms its confidence in the production and certification of Argentine exports.

This agreement allows direct entry into that European country for any organic food produced in our country. Since Switzerland is a benchmark in terms of food quality to the rest of European countries, achieving parity is a must It implies an essential recognition of Senasa and organic production in ArgentinaWhich indicates the confidence achieved with importers of organic products.

The outcome of the meeting The validity period of the recognition agreement was unilaterally extended From Switzerland to the Argentine organic production system, which has been in effect since 1997 and whose due date corresponds to December 31, 2022. As of the agreement, this period has been extended Until December 31, 2026 Inclusive.

“In addition, it was agreed to draw up a roadmap to set deadlines for following up on the final signing of a equivalence agreement that includes recognition of the bilateral scope of both organic production systems. In this sense, it should be noted that the commitments within the framework of this meeting, will be formalized in the near future. In official communications from both organizations”, It was highlighted by Cinassa’s National Director of Food Safety and Quality, Alejandro Fernandez.

for his part explained Cinasa’s Director of Strategy and Risk Analysis, Esteban Sampietro That “this roadmap will identify the products that will be equivalent to an extension of the deadline for export to Switzerland, where a review of the health regulations covering shipments of this type of production is also underway.”

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According to data from SYNASA, So far in 2022, shipments of organic products from Argentina to Switzerland total more than 657 tons. Argentine organic products that are mainly exported to this destination are industrial foods – which involve greater use of labor in production – such as Wine, sugar, honey, lemon, grape oil and beef products. They are all prepared in accordance with a regulatory system in compliance with international requirements and approved by entities authorized and audited by Senasa.

Shared by Sinassa as well as Fernandez and his team of professionals consisting of Sampietro and Nora Poppy; The International Relations Coordinator Miguel Donatelli who was also with his staff; And representatives of the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries in the country.

On behalf of the Swiss Health Services, those responsible for quality promotion and sales, Patrick Ibe; Deputy Prisca Dietrich; From the Sales Promotion and Quality Department, Nicolás Schönenberger; and Isabelle Schuller and Simon Lesser, International Business Relations.

“Organic”, “eco” or “bio” products are obtained from an agricultural system whose goal is to produce healthy and abundant food, while respecting the environment and preserving natural resources. Organic production is based on the application of technologies aimed at preserving or increasing soil fertility and biodiversity, and which allow crops and animals to be protected from pests, weeds and diseases at a level such that they do not cause economic damage.

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