Are similarities or opposites more important in a relationship?

But there are other voices, too, such as psychologist Adrian Kaufman, who spoke of her study of 10,000 couples surveyed and came to the conclusion that the similarity is greatly exaggerated. The influence of the character doesn’t seem to be as great as it has long been thought anyway. Psychologist Portia Derinforth and colleagues from Hobart College and William Smith provided the evidence. they checked in study Characteristics of couples from Germany, Great Britain and Australia. It became clear that life circumstances and experience play a much larger role. Stressful situations and how to deal with them are more likely to shake up a relationship than similar couples. On the other hand, a character trait that everyone can gain plays a role: respect. It doesn’t matter if you’re the same or different – but not how. By the way, this also applies to all other relationships, for example within the family or at work. Any relationship becomes toxic and torn when it is treated with disrespect. Accepting the other person’s weaknesses to some extent, perhaps even compensating for them, and above all, continuing to communicate respectfully and at eye level, even when things get hairy, is what makes a good relationship.

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