Aragon collaborates with Finland to train bilingual teachers

The Board of Directors approved the cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and CLILedu Finland To train teachers and share good practices in the field of bilingualism.

Minister of the Presidency Matt Perezexplained at the press conference after the Board of Directors that CLILedu Finland, a regular collaborating institution offering courses under the Erasmus + programme, has among its objectives Teacher training for all Europe who teach in a bilingual model With the methodology of language learning through other materials. in this way, Aragon It will become the headquarters for the courses of this institution.

The courses include visits to Aragonese bilingual centers with the aim of sharing their experiences and good practices with other European teachers. in the same vein, Alliances could be established between European and Aragonese teachers and centres.

In Aragon there are 225 public centers for the development of the Brit Aragon model, Which allows students from the age of 3 to experience learning situations in a foreign language in at least 35% of the school dayOral proficiency references allow appropriate use of language.

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