Applicable law prohibits most abortions in the state of Indiana, USA

The rule was approved by the state legislature early last month in a special session, shortly after the Supreme Court’s decision, by a conservative majority, to overturn the 1973 ruling in the case known as Roe v. Wade thus withdrawing protections. Voluntary termination of pregnancy.

Indiana’s Republican Governor Eric Holcomb issued a statement after the bill was approved saying he would pass it into law as part of a pledge made to “support legislation that advances the protection of life.”

As of today, providers of these measures in the country are prohibited from displaying them except in authorized cases.

However, some centers such as the South Bend Clinic have reported that they will continue their operations in “supporting all who seek abortion services”, and that they will continue their activism “to fend off atrocities and injustices”.

Reproductive rights groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood are challenging the new law in state court, with a hearing already set for September 19.

According to the state’s director of family planning, Tamara Vader, the ban will also affect women from Kentucky who will now have to travel to Illinois, since they have a veto over abortion in their place of residence.

As revealed to the United States Public Broadcasting Service, Indiana represented the next closest option for the majority of his patients seeking termination of pregnancy.

Last Tuesday, Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican from South Carolina, introduced a bill that would ban abortions across the United States after 15 weeks of pregnancy.

The proposal includes a possible five-year prison sentence for any supplier that violates the veto and would maintain more restrictive state regulations, to the point of replacing systems of democratic states that protect sexual and reproductive safeguards.

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