Apple’s online store is closed in several countries and we don’t know why [Actualizado]

Apple has closed its online store in many countries for no apparent reason.

For some reason, the The Apple Online Store is currently down in some countries, such as the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or the United Kingdom. This is something we usually see when Apple releases new products, but this time we’re not sure why. And even more so given that the store is still operating in other countries.

We don’t know if this is related to scheduled maintenance, a new product launch, a new promotion, perhaps a design level change, or any other reason.

closed apple stores

Apple’s online store is closed and we don’t know why

We’ll be right back. We’re making some changes to the Apple Store. Come later.

Modernization. We already know the news Apple has presented, it is a €50 gift card that Apple will give to all users who buy an Apple TV.

Is Apple preparing for something new?

Whenever a new new iPhone, iPad, or device is released, Apple closes the online Apple Store first thing of the day and doesn’t start up again until 2:00 PM. new products Now for sale. Other times, the store is closed to include private salesSuch as Back to school or Black Friday. Very rarely do we see Apple closing its store for another reason.

we will see In a few minutes or a few hours if Apple includes news in its store Or if we don’t see anything new. The longer we shut down the online Apple Store, the more likely we’ll see something new. While it’s unlikely that Apple will introduce new hardware at this time, you’ll likely see some kind of promotion or design change.

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iPhone 14 will be disappointing compared to iPhone 14 Pro

The next big device that should hit the Apple Store is iPhone 14that if nothing changes, it must be submitted to mid september It arrives at the end of this month. as long as Don’t delay your releaseWhere rumors point to it At least one iPhone 14 model could arrive later.

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