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The company justified this new action by classifying it as “problematic” apps that were not updated or that did not modify bugs reported by users.

Apple has announced that it will remove games and apps from the App Store that have not been updated for the past two years. The company has already started notifying some developers who have worked with iOS. Most of those who will be affected are self-employed.

In the email shared by some affected developers, The company states that “if the app is not updated within 30 days, it will be withdrawn from sale.”. Some users justify this new policy as a way to innovate by getting rid of old apps. But developers disagree.

It seems that Apple doesn’t consider cases like apps that no longer need updates or games that are out but are still needed.. These kinds of cases were revealed by several developers who dared to share the experience on Twitter.

For example, Protopop developer Robert Capoy commented that Apple could remove Motivoto, one of its games that it claims is fully functional. But it hasn’t been updated since 2019.

This was also the case with Kosta Eleftheriou, developer of FlickType keyboard for Apple Watch. Apple has removed an extension from its app that was specifically designed for the visually impaired, and this comprehensive option no longer exists on iOS devices. This was explained in a Twitter thread.

Is it known why Apple implemented this new policy?

In 2016, Apple said for the first time that it would begin removing apps that don’t log updates for long periods of time. However, as of this year, it has not been defined by what criteria it considers a “legacy” application.

Recently, The company justified this new measure by classifying some of the apps as “problematic”.These are the ones that do not yet support recent versions of iOS and macOS and that have bugs. Along the same lines, reported bugs in some apps that did not receive attention were also considered. The company announced their abandonment. I mentioned it the edge.

In his tweets, the developer of FlickType He deplores the existence of some games that persist in the application despite not being updated, This has called into question the standards that Apple reported to developers. Also, this new policy has not only affected those who launched their business on the App Store but will now also be implemented on the Play Store. This was reported by Google in early April.

Google justifies this change by emphasizing the importance of the Play Store being able to offer the latest privacy and security services. If there are apps that do not comply, they will be removed from the platform.

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