Apple releases iOS 16.1 with new features and more security

iOS 16.1 (macromors)

new operating system iOS 16 Apple devices arrived two days ago and the tech company has already started the development phase iOS 16.1which developers can already access.

According to, those who signed up as Developers You can download the new version of the program The operating system From Apple from the Developer Center on the company’s official website.

Although it has not been reported that new features are under development within this new iOS beta, it is expected that some features or Applications which are not installed on iPhones with public access OS such as:

Not yet in iOS 16, but as part of the feature set that users have come to expect, this functionality only includes one use widget To notify people of accidents within the development of a Live eventsuch as the results of football matches and the distance covered during exercise.

Live Activities or Live Activities in iOS 16 (Apple)
Live Activities or Live Activities in iOS 16 (Apple)

A post within Apple’s developer site stated that “Live Activities will not be available from the public release of iOS 16. Later this year (2022) it will be in future update (…) ”, so this beta version of iOS 16.1 will be the one that starts the testing phase of this new feature within devices.

It is not currently known if everything Hardware He will be able to use this function, due to hardware requirements, as well as an improved browser Spotlight Apple has minimum requirements that include A12 . chipOnly available on some iPhones.

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Another feature could come the next General update From Apple’s operating system that will be included in the iOS 16.1 beta, is Shared photo gallery.

This function allows a user Iphone You can share one space in it iCloud With up to five people to create a shared photo album in which everyone can upload, delete and edit photos.

Shared Gallery in iOS 16 (Apple)
Shared Gallery in iOS 16 (Apple)

In addition, to facilitate the selection of photos to be published within this “collection”, users will be able to associate this space with the camera application. This would be possible using a button within a file Application Which will indicate to the system that the photos that will be taken from that moment on the device should be published in the collaborative gallery.

It is not yet known whether this can be linked Photo Gallery with hardware IPAD also MacSo we’ll have to wait for the official launch of iPad operating system s macOS Ventura.

Among the features that were included as part of the latest iOS 16 update, you can find “smart shot“It is a thing to separate from the background of the image.

Crop Photos in iOS 16 (Apple)
Crop Photos in iOS 16 (Apple)

In addition, the new operating system includes the option to configure “focus mode” profiles, which are aimed at user productivity and prioritize notifications from specific applications and contacts which vary according to the type of “profile” used. The focus mode can also be programmed to suit different times of the day without the need for manual change.

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Switches between profiles can be made from the device’s lock screen with a long press and then the focus button

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