Apple confirms that Studio Display is compatible with Windows

(Photo: Apple)

the new Apple Studio View Revealed this week, is Compatible with a wide range of Mac devices And even some iPads that have been revealed the edge that too It should work fine when connected to a Windows PC.

for him Windows compatibility Breaking the stigmas, however, would have some step warnings, despite the fact that in theory There should be no problem and it should work like any normal screen With a webcam and built-in speakers.

The specialized site indicated that Camera compatibility with Windows in questionas Apple notes that “Studio Display camera features and firmware updates require connection to a Mac.”

(Photo: Apple)
(Photo: Apple)

Although it is not clear, the file Apple spokesman Alex Bender he said to the edge The built-in 12MP camera in Studio Display should work like a regular USB webcam when using a computer.

However, he confirmed it Features like Center Stage . will not be available. This is the case for other macOS-specific features like Spatial Audio, even though the display has an iPhone chip built into it.

While it appears that users can AirPlay music or connect to Siri while the Studio Display is connected to a Windows PC, Apple has suggested that Limited functionality for Mac.

Windows 11 reference image (Photo:
Windows 11 reference image (Photo:

If this change occurs, the user will need to borrow a Mac to update the display software and “make” it compatible with the remaining features.

Apple also noted that Screen resolution will depend on the deviceNote: Not all computers can output a 5K 60Hz signal via Thunderbolt or USB-C. In light of this dilemma, It might not be the best thing for someone with a computer to buy a Studio Display, especially considering that there are cheaper options which also contains a webcam and speakers.

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It features a wide 27-inch Retina 5K display, advanced camera with Center Stage, and stunning HD audio. It integrates well with Mac Studio.

(Photo: Apple)
(Photo: Apple)

It offers design Full screen with narrow borders Refined aluminum casing. Its built-in stand allows the user to tilt the monitor up to 30 degrees.

To meet the needs of a variety of workspaces, The studio monitor also offers a tilt and height adjustable stand option With balancing arm. A VESA mount adapter option is also available and supports portrait or landscape orientation for added flexibility.

The True Tone Technology It automatically adjusts the screen color temperature as the environment changes. Anti-reflective coating allows for low reflectivity for better readability and comfort. For workspaces with bright light sources, including sunlight, Studio Display offers an option nano-textured glass Scatter light to reduce glare while delivering great image quality.

Mac Studio and Studio Display (Image: Apple)
Mac Studio and Studio Display (Image: Apple)

with the A13 Bionic chipStudio Display promises exceptional experiences with the camera and sound system. The video conferencing monitor includes a 12MP Ultra Wide Camera with Center Stage, a feature that keeps users focused in the frame as they move.

The studio offer also includes Three microphone group Studio quality with a low noise floor for calls and audio recordings. It also has a system Six high fidelity speakers. Four force-cancelling, distortion-reducing tweeters, high-output tweeters. It also supports speakers Spatial audio for music and video with Dolby Atmos.

Owns Three USB-C Delivers speeds of up to 10 Gbit/s to connect high-speed peripherals, storage, and networks directly to the display. a Thunderbolt port It allows users to connect a studio monitor and any peripheral devices connected to a Mac using a single cable. The same cable also provides 96 watts of power to quickly charge devices.

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There is a new silver and black Magic Keyboard option with Touch ID, Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse that customers can purchase separately.

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