Another US court blocks Biden’s plan to waive student debt

WASHINGTON, NOVEMBER 14 The US Court of Appeals on Monday ordered a temporary halt to President Joe Biden’s government’s plan to write down student debt, a measure affecting millions of people.

The decision of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, based in St. Louis (Missouri), adds to a series of court decisions on that program for the Washington administration to cancel $20,000 per person in student debt.

On Friday, the federal government stopped accepting student debt forgiveness requests, after a court ruling in a Texas court declared the plan illegal.

In this way, he responded to the Eve ruling of North Texas District Judge Mark Bateman, who noted that the program was an “unconstitutional maneuver.”

Earlier this month, the US Supreme Court rejected an attempt by a conservative organization to block the debt forgiveness program.

Supreme Court Justice Amy Connie Barrett has rejected an emergency application by the California-based Pacific Law Firm to the Supreme Court to block White House policy.

The program, to which about 26 million people have applied, has already been temporarily suspended by order of another federal court after a complaint filed by 6 states with Republican governments.

At the end of August, Biden announced that he would waive part of the debt that millions of college students had contracted with the federal administration to pay for their studies, referring to the youth vote before the midterm elections were held. last Tuesday.

The president reported canceling up to $20,000 in debt per student, though the measure only plans to benefit those who earn less than $125,000 a year or those who marry less than $250,000 a year. EFE

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