“Another Eden: time-traveling cats”, the latest episode of the apocalypse game content “Sword Poem and Wings of Disappearance”, the first series of the international version of “Another Eden:” has been released! | Apple News Network | Apple Daily

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The international edition of “Another Eden: A Cat Traveled Through Time”, produced by WFS and from Japan, has released the final words of version 2.7.900 “Sword Poem and Wings of Disappearance”. In this update, “Another Eden: Cats That Travel Through Time” is the first to be completed as a sequential game content. In addition to the emergence of another style of the famous character “Kilu Lilu”, to celebrate the end, there will also be events such as the chance to meet 5 ★ professional allies and login rewards increases as long as the story is complete. An exclusive interview with Mr. Ken Sakurada, who is responsible for the scenarios and shows, talks about the development secrets now open.

The promotional video for “Ode to the Sword and the Wings of Disappearance”:


End of the special commemorative interview:


◆ Apocrypha

Added the last words of the poem The Sword and Wings of Invisibility.

・Added new maps and regions

・Add new other dungeons

◆ Encounter

・ “Another Style: Abyssal Editor” – Another style of “Kirulilu” appears

Encounter of Destiny appears (paid, limited to one purchase)

・ “Meeting Fate: Sword of Psalms and Wings of Invisibility, Final Commemorative Edition” (paid ・limited to 3 purchases ・ until July 26, 2021 22:59)

※ When you meet the tenth person, you can meet 5 ★ professional characters related to “Poems of the Sword and Wings of Invisibility” or one person in another style. For more details, please refer to the list of the latest in-game news.

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Appearance of the Apocalypse “Poem of the Sword and Wings of Invisibility”

・ In version 2.5.100 of the Apocalypse “Ode of the Sword and Wings of Invisibility”, the encounter with the main characters such as “Qilu Lilo” will appear again.

・Updated “Meet Allies” in Regular Encounters

◆ Activity Information

Increased login bonus in progress!

・ “Kronos Stone x 20” → “Kronos Stone x 50”

▼ period of activity

From 23:00 on July 14, 2021 to 22:59 on July 26, 2021

Every day, a treasure chest with a ‘green key’ and a ‘red key’ will appear in the ‘dimensional gap’

▼ period of activity

From 23:00 on July 15, 2021 to 22:59 on July 26, 2021

※ Must update to version 2.7.900 or higher

※ If you received rewards from Bobcats before the update, you will not be able to receive the key card even after the update on the same day

※ The treasure chest will be reset at the same time Lynx sends the prize

※ The key card can still be received after the reservation limit is exceeded, but if the retention limit is exceeded, the saved key card number will not be automatically restored

Show “Kronos Stone”

・ A limited number of 2,000 “Kronos Stone”

・ A limited number of 4000 pcs “Kronos Stone”

▼ period of activity

From 11:00 on July 15, 2021 to 22:59 on August 5, 2021

※ Each item can only be purchased twice

During the event period, there will be an event where you will receive additional medal rewards for the last words of “Ode of the Sword and Wings of Invisibility” that start playing Apocalypse.

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In addition, to celebrate the end of the apocalypse “Ode of the Sword and Wings of Invisibility”, there will be an event where you can get “drops of hell’s temptation” after completing the last words.

The temptation of the underworld

・Encounter 1 of 5* professional characters (31 types in total) from “Inferno” that appeared up to version 2.6.700

・After updating to version 2.7.900 or higher, you can receive “Drops of Temptation of Hades” after completing the apocalypse “Psalms of Swords and Wings of Disappearance” (only once)

・ You cannot select a character when facing “Drops of Temptation of the Underworld”

▼ period of activity

・After update version 2.7.900 as at 22:59 on September 30, 2021

※ The expiration date of the “underworld temptation drops” is until 22:59 on October 31, 2021.

Medal bonus increase (Kronos Stone)

・ During the next period, start playing the Apocalypse “Sword of Psalms and Wings of Resentment” and the last words will increase the rewards of medals that you can get at the beginning of the mission

Reward for the “Walk on the Moon” Medal

koronos stone x10 → koronos stone x50

The “Walking on the Moon” medal will be achieved after the initial event scene is shown

※ The increased reward will be sent to the mailbox

▼ period of activity

After update version 2.7.900 until 22:59 on July 26, 2021

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