Announcing the Retention of Services in Rio Negro

From the Police Welfare Council made up of representatives of all regional units in Rio Negro, they announced this afternoon the continuation of services to demand a salary increase. They pointed out that The procedure will be maintained until they are called to a table with the county government.

And we decided to cut prevention and additional services throughout the governorate, with the exception of urgent calls and judicial functions. “All cell phones are going to the units,” said one of the speakers, Rubén Muñoz, a former police officer who was discharged.

Since last week, uniformed men, retirees and their families have been camping in Roca, Viedma, Bariloche, Cipolite and Los Minocos. Also today, a convoy went to the capital, Rio Negro, and delivered a petition in front of the Government House to the authorities. “Today the government asked us for time, and we gave it time, “We were in the arena all day and they didn’t call us,” Muñoz said.

At 4:00 PM, a meeting was held where they outlined this new force measure. The reference stated that there are about 8000 police officers working in the governorate.

On the other hand, this broker consulted the Vidma Ministry of Security regarding the blocking of services and stated that they are not aware of this procedure. They added that they were surprised because “the police are providing the service normally.”

From the Police Welfare Council consisting of active members at all administrative, family, and prison levels They demand a base amount of $130,000 for an incoming agent.

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Security Secretary Petiana Minor last week announced a much lower figure of $85,000 for a security ladder entry agent, while a technical administrative entry agent without a home will charge a minimum of $65,000.
This did not calm morale and the camps continued with more force measures.

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