Anita Alvarado’s daughter arrives in Australia and is lovingly received by her sister, Angie

April 16, 2022 – 5:00 pm

On Friday, April 15, the youngest daughter of Anita Alvarado, Zephorafinally arrived in Australia, the country he wanted to set off in and The place where his other siblings are also, and among them is the former reality girl, Angie Alvarado.

Although not much is known about this trip, the young woman’s mother shared a video on social networks the previous moment That his “gift” boarded the plane, This would take her to live on another continent.

Although the so-called “Chilean geisha” has not commented on the situation, the next day it was her eldest daughter, Angie, who shared photos of Xephora, and she’s already enjoying it. stay in sydney.

As part of the new trip, the young woman could not avoid going out to see the most famous places of the megacity. And so he visited sydney opera house, at New South Wales, according to his older sister.

“Can you really be this beautiful?”Angie’s kind words were in the photo she uploaded to her Instagram Stories.

However, this wasn’t the only thing the previous member of the platoon showed, as she also showed something else. A picture where you can see some flowers and a balloon with the message: “Welcome to Australia“.

Angie Alvarado’s job

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Farewell to Xephora

“I’m with my dear at the international airport. My baby who’s about to leave. She’s more expensive than anyone might think. I don’t know if she’s crying because her eyelashes are coming out, but it’s real.” We cried, we suffered, but I know it’s going to be alrightAnita wrote to shoot the young woman, while both were seen with tears in their eyes.

He also added during the minute that the video continues, “She is my beloved daughter and she will be with her brothers there. We trust in God because he is wonderful and wonderful.”

Finally, with emotion in her voice, the mother expressed all her love for her daughter. “This is our goodbye now. My heart speaks to them, knowing that they will always depend on their mother. Neither God nor mothers fail. Greetings and kisses friends.

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