Android 13: News presented at Google I/O 2022

Android 13 Officially for the first time in Google I / O: On the occasion of the inaugural conference of the event and a few hours after the launch of Beta 2, Mountain View presented to the public the taste For the new operating system and features we will soon see on board not only many smartphones, but also tablets, foldable devices and other increasingly connected devices.

Android 13 Tiramisu masters the great legacy of Android 12, the design language material youthanks to additional customization options: In addition to small design touches, such as the launch bar in a file Media CenterThe possibility to choose languages ​​other than the single system stands out for individual applications.

RCS messaging

The first big news in Android 13 is RCS Messaging Standard (Rich Communication System), the result of cooperation with telephone operators and producers from all over the world.

The RCS standard is a huge step forward in security, thanks to the support End-to-end encryption, but also for the user experience. Thanks to this technology, owners of Android smartphones will now be able to share photos in high quality and use Wi-Fi to send messages.

On the other hand, there can be no small direction for Apple, hopefully Every other mobile operating system receives the message and begins implementing the RCS standard.

Android 13, a multi-device operating system

With more than three billion active devices, Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world and extends not only to smartphones and tablets, but also to Device of every kind. Android 13 is looking forward to this future multi-device version extends More and more applications for different shape agents and services.

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Android 13

Wear OS You will soon get smartwatches from brands such as Fossil, Montblanc and Mobvoi, while the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will getGoogle Assistant Optimized for Wear OS. More and more apps like Spotify, Adidas Running, and LINE are coming to Wear OS, with SoundCloud and Deezer slated for release later this year.

Android 13 continues to work with Android 12 for to improve screens foldable disc: New multitasking features, including a handy toolbar and redesigned notification section, make it even more intuitive user experience.

There are more than 20 on the way Enhanced apps For larger Android screens including TikTok, Zoom, Facebook and Canva. These updates, arriving in the next few weeks, take advantage of the available space with a multi-column display. Likewise you will receive a redesign of the user interface from google apps on this kind of show.

The ever-increasing integration between Android and Chromecastextending to more and more devices for seamless entertainment experiences between smartphones, smart TVs and even cars, and expanding the Phone Hub on Chromebookwhich will allow you to access your smartphone’s messaging apps directly from your laptop.

the support Quick pairing It will finally be expanded to include more devices for an instant and intuitive setup between earbuds, smart TVs, and other devices. A step forward on this front will come from the interoperability standard Themewhich will debut this fall thanks to a collaboration between Google and several home automation brands.

Android 13

google wallet

Another great new feature of Android 13 google walletwhich is a much awaited feature that can be stored in one place Scanned Documents Such as vaccination cards, tickets, and badges and integrate them with the rest of Google services.

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google wallet

Google Wallet, coming to Android and Wear OS in the coming weeks, will integrate with the payment system Google Pay It expands its functionality as well as economic transactions, taking into account the security and privacy of personal data.

The company also announced, for now exclusively to the US but in the future also with the rest of the world, that it is working on digitizing and storing Google Wallet identity documentsstarting from Driving licenses Leadership.

Emergency services

Google is also enhancing its own capabilities Emergency location services (ELS), now available to more than a billion users worldwide, to allow locating devices such as smartphones and smartwatches in the event of an emergency.

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Android 13 . Emergencies

Google will expand to 25 new countries, prioritizing areas of service risk Early Earthquake Warnings The accelerometer of smartphones is used to detect seismic waves a few precious seconds before the tremors.

The service is also expanding Emergency SOSAnd soon, it’s also compatible with Wear OS smartwatches.

When will Android 13 arrive?

Based on road map Released by the company and updated with each progress, the stable version of Android 13 Tiramisu should arrive starting next month. August 2022.

Android 13 Preview timeline

In recent months, respectively in February and March 2022, the two have been released developer look, i.e. builds distributed to developers to help improve applications and services in time for the final release. Before today’s event, Google released a file beta 2 For Pixel devices and other devices from select manufacturers.

Android 13 OEM

After the first beta release in April, beta 2 Android 13 Tiramisu marks the last step towards platform stability.

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