Android 13-based OxygenOS 13 can now be tested on OnePlus 10 Pro

Android 13-based OxygenOS 13 is coming to the OnePlus 10 Pro in North America and India.

one plus is, along with The GoogleAnd the Samsung s xiaomione of the manufacturers that Update your stations faster with the latest Android version The good proof of this is that the Chinese manufacturer is already working Include all news Android 13 in your personalization layer.

If a week ago, as part of the new launch OnePlus 10Tthe Chinese company officially introduced The next version of your Android OSNow OnePlus just announced, Through your community forumswhich – which The first beta version of Oxygen OS 13 Based on Android 13 now available on OnePlus 10 Pro.

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Android 13 is now available on OnePlus 10 Pro thanks to OxygenOS 13 beta.

OxygenOS 13 comes with Android 13 to OnePlus 10 Pro

The first open beta of OxygenOS 13 based on Android 13 It can now be downloaded on OnePlus 10 Pro in North America and Indiaalthough the Chinese brand has already confirmed that this update will also be They will arrive in Europe in the next few weeks.

The full list of changes is included in this update next one:

  • design
    • The Quantum Animation Engine has been updated to version 4.0, which includes a new behavior recognition feature that recognizes complex gestures and provides improved interactions.
    • Realistic body movements are applied to the animation to make it look more natural and intuitive
    • Fonts are optimized for better readability
    • The illustrations of the reports have been enriched and improved, incorporating cross-cultural and cross-cutting elements.
  • efficiency
    • Large folders have been added to the home screen and you can now open an app in a magnified folder with a single tap and flip folder pages with a simple swipe gesture
    • Added media playback control and improved quick settings experience
    • Added more codecs for editing screenshots
    • The bookshelf has been improved and swiping down on the home screen will now show the bookcase by default
  • Connection
    • Headphone connectivity has been improved for a smoother experience
  • Personalization
    • Bitmoji is optimized to offer more always-on-screen animations
    • Insight Always-On Display has been improved, including more custom Always-On Display settings
    • Canvas Always-On Display functionality has been improved with the addition of more available drawing tools and font colors
  • Security and privacy
    • Added auto pixel feature for chat screenshots
    • Built-in periodic cleaning of clipboard data to protect privacy
    • Private security has been improved and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is now used to encrypt all files
  • Digital Health and Wellness
    • Added Kids Space feature that includes a screen time limit, ambient light reminders, and eye protection screen features
  • performance
    • Dolby sound effects are improved with better sound field perception and more accurate sound source
  • gaming experience
    • HyperBoost GPA functionality updated to version 4.0 to stabilize frame rate and balance performance and power consumption in key scenarios
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15 OnePlus phones will receive the update to Android 13

Also, being the first public beta of OxygenOS 13, it offers A number of known issueswhich will be detailed below:

  • When Bluetooth pairing, an unusually shaped dot will appear
  • Clicking capture history after switching from multiple users, system version or language will not get any response
  • Photos may be blurry when you take multiple shots of people using Ultra Dark mode and zoom in/out at the same time
  • Photos may not be saved when taking photos of people by 3.3X zoom out
  • Screen freezes when recording videos in certain scenarios
  • Videos may appear green when recording in FILM mode
  • A black screen will appear when the camera freezes
  • Photos may appear black when taking photos in the dark using Night Mode

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