An unusual fight between a man and a kangaroo in Australia

Man vs Kangaroo: The shocking video of an extraordinary fight, who will win?

Man vs Kangaroo, an extraordinary battle that can happen in the imagination of the most creative, but this happened in real life in the middle of a completely serendipitous confrontation.

Fighting broke out in New South Wales, in Australia, When a rogue kangaroo chases after a terrified man and ends up knocking him to the groundalso. Something strange yet but not excluded, this is a rather territorial and temperamental animal, as well as large and powerful.

Unusual came later, when the man He managed to stand in the middle of the gaps he received from the angry marsupial and using the movements of an experienced fighter he stood in the face of the kangaroo and managed to give him more than a good punch. Of course, he also used a branch he took from the ground to help himself.

The photos, captured by a security camera, show how man and beast fuse in an exchange of blows that incredibly ends up favoring the man. This managed to launch itself at the kangaroo and briefly immobilize it, taking the last round of the fight.

It is not known whether the man was seriously injured during the attack.

The kangaroo came face to face with the man who stood up to him and melted into blows with the marsupial.

Kangaroos are not often aggressive, But in Australia, thousands of attacks, most of them undocumented, occur when animals feel threatened.

The risk of being attacked by a kangaroo is extremely low. Thousands of people seek medical attention each year for injuries caused by domestic pets. Fewer than five people in New South Wales are receiving treatment for kangaroo-related injuries.

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The greatest danger is in areas where people have changed the natural habitats and feeding patterns of kangaroos.

When a kangaroo attacks a person, it does so as if it were another kangaroo. He can push or wrestle with his front legs or sit and kick with his hind legs. Since the resulting injuries can be serious, it is necessary to avoid conflicts with kangaroos.

At some point, the man managed to lock the kangaroo and subdue it on the ground.
At some point, the man managed to lock the kangaroo and subdue it on the ground.

Extraordinary combat happens next An Australian golf course closed a few weeks ago due to ongoing kangaroo attacks to its members.

Two women in their sixties were seriously injured in two separate attacks, One was taken to hospital, and the other sustained significant injuries to her neck, arms and back.

At least 15 people were attacked by kangaroos at the Arundel Hills Country Club On the Gold Coast, which decided to close abruptly “due to financial struggles” amid the scandal.

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