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An ode to beauty, how the right picture book can accent any room

Deizisau, June 2022

You can’t buy elegance. This applies not only to clothes, but also to #furniture and #décor. Expensive things alone don’t create a special #environment – without any standout items, the room still looks like it’s out of a catalog. However, if the interests and tastes of the owners are reflected in the choice of their furniture, then personal taste develops rapidly. For example, if an oversized #Porsche #photo book immediately draws eyes to an attractive bookshelf, it not only makes a statement, but also provides visitors with something to talk about in an initial small conversation. “Often, special evidence of exquisite craftsmanship reveals something about the owner’s taste,” says Udo Hönninger, principal printer and publisher of the illustrated book 911 Millennium. As a hybrid between a book and an art object, this limited edition impresses with the visual power of the representations captured.

Assorted color scene

The theater plays a crucial role for unusual furnishings. “Impressive picture books need a theater,” says Udo Hönninger. ‘Like Working’ 911 Millennium ‘1.12 meters wide when opened’ at 288 pages, the world’s largest and exclusive #Porsche #book depicts more than 50 years of #design art. Sometimes warm and sometimes cold colors make their way around the different bodies of this luxurious collection of the luxury class, the taste of which is in harmony with different room combinations. Need a contrast with a new piece of furniture? Should it be a different color for the evening party? There is no problem with the correct picture book, because the different motifs usually provide a wide range of possible combinations. “If spot light or indirect lighting also subtly sets up the scene for the page colors, it reliably draws attention to the given motif,” says Principal Printers, describing his experience.

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art of touch

Unlike typical artwork, picture books invite you to browse through them. If the printed product is of high quality, then the feast for the eyes also becomes a tactile experience. It starts with the cover and at the end when you first touch the pages you can see the wood the work is made of – in the case of the “911 Millennium”, which is all regionally produced, 250g paper. “If the finger actually reports an unusual sensory experience, the rest of the experience will be remembered,” says Udo Honninger, Head of Printers. In this way, the right picture book can not only decisively shape the interior, but also dazzle the viewer.

911 Millennium, ISBN 978-3-9819485-0-9, €1900

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