An ex-girlfriend of Elon Musk is auctioning old photos of the businessman and it’s not exactly cheap

The presence of the South African entrepreneur has made a plot of land up for auction one of the collectors’ items.

If your job is to be the president of Tesla or SpaceX, then surely every minute of your life is controlled by hundreds of people, eager to know the exciting details. On this occasion, by a RR Publication Auctionwe met curious Package What was just auction On September 14 which included a 14 karat gold pendant That good old man Elon gave it to his college girlfriend, as well two pictures Where the tech entrepreneur appears with the person who was his better half in 1995.

Image of one of the images, watermarked by the auction house, showing Elon Musk

An image of one of the photos, with a watermark on it, from the auction house, showing Elon Musk. RR . Auction

Elon Musk always makes the headlines, even if it’s with a 14k gold necklace auction.

Having Elon Musk as a partner, apart from romantic relationships, can bring valuable income. The necklaceWhich you can see in detail in the photo below, was a gift from Elon Musk to his college girlfriend Jennifer Gwen. Made in 14 karat goldand encrusted with emeralds, the piece of jewelry was a Birthday gift Made by Elon at the end 1994. Finally, the set that was auctioned got a value $51,008possibly due to the necklace in question, although we suspect the photos were the final batch for a high value.

Details of the 14 karat necklace that was auctioned with the two photos

Details of the 14 karat necklace that was auctioned along with the two photos. RR . Auction

According to the information published by the auction house, Elon and Jennifer they started He left In the fall 1994while they were both studying at University of Pennsylvania. In 1995 he both lived and worked Resident Consultants He ended up graduating from college, shortly after having to watch Elon transfer to college. Stanford Universitywhere he will start his Ph.D., which he will end up two days after starting, to begin his successful career as an entrepreneur.

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You remember Jennifer fondly necklace The one Elon Musk gave him, and he got it stay for 10 years In a jewelry box was through birthday From 1994, on a visit to Musk’s mother’s home in Toronto, and gave her the necklace, one of a large group. The billionaire assured him that they had similar necklaces, since his time Baba owns mining business In South Africa. Plus, on those same dates that was when Elon gave a greeting cardthat too It was sold by public auction At RR auction. Love jewelry and pictures for earn money With a fortunate past relationship.

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