An Australian finds a mysterious “strange creature” on the beach

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to: Nadia Bohr

Australian Alex Tan found a strange-looking dead animal on the beach and showed it in an Instagram video. According to one expert, it is the brush-possum, a marsupial species widespread in Australia. © Instagram screenshot / tanalex

Australian Alexander Tan has found a dead creature that looks like an extraterrestrial being while walking on the beach.

Queensland – Scientists disagree on whether there is extraterrestrial life in deep space. After all, there are promising places in the solar system where other life could exist *. However, many researchers do not believe in it. However, objects continue to appear in our world whose appearance or existence is difficult to explain, even for scientists.

At first glance, they often look like creatures from another galaxy, like a Strange fish with a transparent head (BW24*reported) seen in the deep sea. Another strange discovery was made in Australia on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Australian movies Mysterious creature on the beach

Australian Alex Tan was walking on a coastal beach in the morning hours when he saw a creature washed up in the sea. He shared his mysterious discovery on Instagram. I’ve found something strange,” his video began. “It’s like one of those things you see when people claim they’ve found aliens.”

The next moment, a bloated dead animal could be seen lying on the shore. “I’ve never seen anything like this,” Tan says of his discovery. In the comments below his video, Instagram users suspect that he is a dead kangaroo. Another user thinks “a sea turtle without a shell”. “No matter what it is, it’s definitely sad,” wrote one user.

Expert explains: Perhaps a beach creature is a marsupial

Professor Stephen Johnston of the University of Queensland sheds some light on the Australian daily Courier Mail. The animal that died on the beach is said to be the brush opossum, a marsupial common in Australia and known there as the opossum. “The animal was probably swept into the sea during the floods,” the expert explains. Alexander Tan also believes his discovery is an opossum.

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There are many different marsupial species in Australia. The University of Melbourne is also planning to revive an already extinct species. Including the Tasmanian tiger, a A dangerous predator that hasn’t been around for 90 years*. The researchers want to implement the project with the help of a new, modern cloning lab. *BW24 is a show of IPPEN.MEDIA.

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