‘An anti-democratic icon’: UDI demands ‘model’ penalties for Hertz for treating it as a ‘bundle’ | National

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Representatives Sergio Bobadilla, Gustavo Benavente and Felipe Donoso stressed that the communist parliamentarian “represents in body and soul a culture of abolition and denial.”

UDI deputies Sergio Bobadilla, Gustavo Benavente and Felipe Donoso described the Communist Party deputy as an “anti-democratic symbol”, Carmen Hertz.

Parliamentarians demanded that the Ethics Committee apply “model penalties” against him after he tried to “prosecute” union legislators. until the The deputy silenced them on several occasions in the roomat the start of the legislative session Tuesday.

In this regard, UDI deputies emphasized, through a statement, that Carmen Hertz “not only Body and soul represent a culture of denial and denial (…) It is the true anti-democratic icon that exists in our country.”

They added that he “reaffirms the invalid authority he enjoys – with his party – to accept different political opinions.”

in this line, BobadillaAnd the Benavente s donoso They insisted that PC Vice “seriously lacks objectivity, because it always ends up preferring to insult anyone who thinks differently from her.”

The union representatives described the questionable position of Deputy Hertz as an “intellectual dictatorship”, compared to what happened with the former director of the National Institute for Human Rights (INDH), Sergio Mico.

“We will not accept the insulting expressions of Mrs. Hertz, who is not ashamed to speak of human rights; but she is the first to hide when it is appropriate to condemn the dictatorial regimes of Venezuela, Nicaragua or Cuba. That is why we will turn to the Ethics Committee, because we will not We tolerate their attitude,” the UDI Bank statement closes.

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