AMLO demands the cancellation of the Pacific Alliance summit because it did not give permission to Pedro Castillo, President of Peru | Mexico | Peruvian Congress | Globalism

president of mexico, On Monday, he announced that he would ask to cancel the summit It will be held in your country because the Peruvian Congress did not authorize the President’s trip who was to take over the presidency of that body.

The appointment is scheduled for November 25 in Mexico City The President of Chile, Gabriel Boric, and Colombia, Gustavo Petro, as well as AMLO, confirmed their presence. The presidents of Ecuador, Guillermo Laso, and Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves, will also participate in the conference, countries that aspire to join the group.

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“It is very likely that the meeting of the Pacific Alliance countries will be canceled because they did not give permission for the President of Peru to attend, and then we will postpone or look for another option.Am I the interim or interim president of that alliance and it is up to the President of Peru to take over the presidency, and if he does not come, who will I hand him over to? AMLO Mañanera broadcasts daily on social networks.

He asserted that one way of holding the meeting was for the meeting to take place in Peru; But he added that this plan should be consulted.

“We can have a meeting in Peru because I have to hand over the presidency to it Pedro Castillo. This may be an option, do it there, but I have to consult. What I do not consider appropriate is to hold a meeting without the presence of the president who should take over the office.” manifested AMLO.

AMLO He said he would continue to hold bilateral meetings with other heads of state Pacific Alliance who are visiting Mexico.

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“I will have bilateral meetings, if the president of Chile comes, if the president of Costa Rica attends, if the president of Honduras attends, but not necessarily this meeting of the Pacific Alliance”.

The Pacific Alliance was born as an economic and development initiative between four Latin American countries: Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

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