AMLO Criticizes US Immigration View

president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador urged his American counterpart, Joe BidenAccelerate the implementation of development programs in Central America, in order to address the causes that arise from immigrationBut it also raised the need to channel economic resources directly to the beneficiaries and not through civil society organizations.

Lopez Obrador criticized the US government’s vision, for betting on business investment and trusting NGOs, but cautioned that “the resources – which are not many – are being reduced by these organisations, not all, but a good number. Of these organizations are spending All these resources are on the bureaucratic apparatus, consultations, studies and nothing reaches the peasants, the youth and the people.”

“I think it’s not the best,” he added.

In his morning conference, he reported that in his phone call last Friday, he suggested to Biden that they actually do a “census of young people who want to work as apprentices in Guatemala, in Honduras, in El Salvador, and start that” they can be trained, trained and have preference when it starts Temporary work visas are granted, but they are already starting to conduct censuses and support is being provided directly to young people, farmers and beneficiaries.”

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In addition, he asked Biden to move forward with the delivery of temporary work visas, which will allow ordering immigration flows.

There is a fact: There is a shortage of labor force in the United States, and there is a shortage of workers. So, the most convenient, logical, effective and humane thing is to arrange the flow of immigration and give the opportunity to those who want to go voluntarily to work in the United States with those temporary visas. They (the United States) are already increasing the number of temporary visas, that is, work is in progress, but progress is slow.”

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The Mexican president stressed that the United States should invest more, because since the era of former President Donald Trump there has been talk of four billion dollars for Central America “and so far there has been nothing. I think they allowed 100 million dollars.”

He noted that the Mexican government had proposed the implementation of the Sembrando Vida programs and the employment of young people as apprentices in Central America.

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