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In six years there will be the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Sports highlights: The World Championships in Eugene should boost interest in sports in the United States.

Noah Lyles reaches the finish line in the fourth best time ever for the 200m and defends his world title. He broke the American record of Michael Johnson. Behind him, two more Americans won the silver and bronze medals at the first World Championships in Athletics United State.

Among the celebratory spectators in the stands at Hayward Field in Eugene are civil rights icons Tommy Smith and John Carlos. They caused quite a stir at the 1968 Olympics with their podium protest after the gold and bronze for the 200m – and they are among Lyle’s historic models.

More drama, content and world class level is almost impossible at a major sporting event. But six years before the Olympics in Los Angeles, athletics is still out of sight in the United States. Although only about 15,000 tickets will be sold, there is always plenty of free seating in the beautiful stadium in the student city of Eugene.

Although Olympics broadcaster NBC has the TV rights, interested people are actually having a hard time finding the World Cup and being able to watch it on TV. The vast majority of the country’s sports-loving population doesn’t even seem to know that the World Cup in Oregon is currently underway.

No other team has as many things as the hosts

“Lots of people around the world love and appreciate athletics. Here in America we haven’t learned to accept this sport yet,” Carlos said at a news conference before Lyles stormed to win the title in 19.31 seconds. Like the now 77-year-old, the new and old 200-meter world champion raised his fist in the air at the US Championships. He earned the US 20, 21 and 22 medals with teammates Kenneth Bednarek and Erion Knighton.

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The host city in the province

World Athletics Championships in Eugene: “Find someone else”

No other team has come close to capturing as many hosts as the hosts in their first World Cup finals on home soil. Lyles put world 100m champion Fred Curley and world record holder Ryan Crozier doing his job in a country that matters no more than success – however, these title fights don’t worry even the host city of Eugene, dubbed ‘TrackTown’ USA””. The fascinating history of track and field for remarkable ecstasy.

After seven out of every ten days of competition, only 75 percent of tickets were sold on average. If you walk the streets a few blocks from the stadium, you will no longer notice the World Cup on the grounds of the University of Oregon. German discus launcher Shanice Craft joked, “It looked like all the tickets were sold out. They were, I don’t know to whom.” “The Americans create a good mood for their athletes and the atmosphere is great when you come to the stadium here. It’s a very nice stadium, the discus ring in the middle, I don’t think it could be better. But I still think, the ranks would be fuller.”

Coe: Athletics will be the number five sport in the United States

In 2028, IAAF President Sebastian Coe wants to make athletics the number five sport in the United States. And there remains a long way to go. The 1,500-meter Olympic champion at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics admitted midway through that “we’re not even close to the proportions I want and should achieve, although there’s no way we should. We haven’t done enough.” term review.

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“For the Olympics to be truly successful, you need a strong athletics presence, and you really need a strong athletics presence in a country that is at the fore in athletics,” Coe explained. Nowhere else in the world are there so many students involved in athletics. Nearly 50 million residents jog regularly. “You have the best athletes in the world and all these other assets,” said the Briton. “We have to make sure that people understand a lot about our sport when we get to 2028.”

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