Amazon Prime Air’s drones are finally taking off. It took nearly a decade to do this

Why hire couriers when you can send things by drone? The idea sounded great in some scenarios, and they’ve been around for a long time at Amazon: in 2013. Later, ProblemsAnd the Delay and more Problems. This means that the Amazon Prime Air project has never had a truly massive reach, but now the company wants to change that with the start of the business at a location in California.

Messenger planes in Lockford. This small town has a population of only 3,500, but it is precisely this size and residential distribution that makes it a good candidate for these tests. Its residents will be able to sign up for free to test the service, and messaging drones will deposit packets into the traditional backyards of these American homes.

Avoid obstacles. on amazon stand out How these drones have an obstacle detection system — other drones, people, even pets — that allows them to avoid them so they can operate safely. These drones are the latest expression of a project that has seen Amazon create “more than two dozen prototypes” before reaching the current one, and they hope everything will work perfectly this time around.

They have already tried it before. It certainly isn’t the first time Amazon has tried to launch the service. in 2016 Tests started In the UK the first shipment of popcorn and fire tvbut that did not come to fruition and various incidents occurred, for example, it showed the birds They can be big enemies of these delivery drones.

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This drone will self-destruct in five seconds.. And that was combined with the many dangers posed by how crippled drones can land on our heads. they created Self-destruct systems Even the systems that make drones better understood our girland in the last big leap in its design an important element was added: Artificial intelligence To deliver parcels independently.

new try. Exams in the UK did not end well and there were a hundred chapters in a project described as “dysfunctionalThe Prime Air trend has been hacked, but now the company has started these beta tests again with the hope that this time it will be the right choice in the end. We’ll see if it works.

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