Amazon, historic vote in New York: Union enters e-commerce giant

MILAN – Twenty-seven years later, with a historic vote, Amazon workers in the United States have opened the doors to union: it happens at the hands of the employees of Staten Island, New York, where 2,654 votes are born to 2,131. To the first Amazon workers union. The outcome of another union referendum at the factory in Bessemer, Alabama, will be decided by a judge instead because of the more than 400 disputed votes: the advantage is the union’s disapproval.

The battle to create the first union for the second private employer in the US was started by Chris Smalls, a former Amazon employee who was promptly fired in March 2020 for organizing in protest of the lack of anti-Covid measures in Staten. Island warehouse. Few would have thought that the 32-year-old African-American would succeed in his fight, which began by raising a few bucks on GoFundMe in April of last year. But after the pandemic, more and more workers in the United States are turning to union. One for all is the exciting case of the Starbucks coffee shop employees in Buffalo who, in December, created the first confederation in the company’s 50-year history.

The New York vote was overseen by the National Labor Relations Board, which also recorded 67 votes disputed by Amazon or the ALU: however, they were not enough to influence the outcome. About 57% of the more than 8,300 workers voted on the voter list. Amazon provides a list of eligible workers for Nlrb. Organizers say the high dropout rate may have curtailed the gathering since the election was due to take place.

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