Also confirmed by the Postal Police

Pro-Russian hackers targeted Websites from various Italian institutions and ministries, and police.

Italian Postal Police confirmed the attack and the hacker group was charged.Celent‘, in a statement dated Italian group From Yarix for Cyber ​​Security.

Among the approximately 50 affected institutions are the Italian Supreme Council of the Judiciary, its customs agency and its subsidiary Foreign MinistriesFrominstructions and the gods Cultural Heritage.

And the Italian embassy in London tweeted that the websites of the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all its embassies had been bombed and are not currently working.

The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the consular applications on this site have been subjected to a cyber attack“, we read in tweet. We apologize to users for any inconvenience or delay in processing the papers.

Other countries have also been attacked

Celent Launched attacks in early May against the upper house of the Italian parliamentHigher Institute of Health (ISS) andItalian Automobile Club.

In April, cyber security agencies in United StateIn the United kingdomin Australiain Canada and in new Zeland And they warned organizations outside Ukraine’s borders that they might soon be targeted Pro-Russian hackers.

The so-called intelligence groupfive eyesShe posted her most detailed review of Threats on April 21including information about the units it supports Kremlin And on the cybercrime groups that participated a Russia support.

The report claimed that cybercrime groups could threaten infrastructure institutions Western criticism (CNI) includes extortionists for data leakage Cumming ProjectAnd the Killnet by DDoSand operators Emotet mummy and here Bot developer Sality Salty Spider.

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