All of China’s Moves to Steal Trade Data (and More)

China uses cyber espionage to achieve several goals. Here any of them. Giuseppe Gagliano’s article

Several countries, including the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States, and companies such as Vodafone and Microsoft, have revealed China’s aggressive campaign to steal business and other sensitive data.

China is exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s email program to target US government departments, defense contractors, political think tanks and infectious disease researchers, among others.

Global piracy campaigns

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, for example, noted in its China E-Business Overview, that Beijing conducts large-scale hacking operations globally, targeting the healthcare and telecommunications sector, providers and suppliers of critical corporate software infrastructure, and property theft. Intellectual and confidential information.

These targets provide valuable guidance for subsequent “information gathering, attack, or influence” operations. The largest and most recent cyber espionage attack of its kind was the hacking group hacking of Microsoft Exchange Server in March 2021.

computer espionage

But China has even used overseas contracts and companies to carry out its campaign of cyber espionage. An essential part of this campaign is the telecommunications network and fiber optic communications infrastructure provided by Chinese companies such as China Telecom, Huawei and ZTE.

China uses cyber espionage to achieve several goals. According to the latest assessment by the US intelligence community, cyber espionage operations often target those sectors that offer “potentially rich follow-up opportunities to gather intelligence, attack or influence operations.” China uses the information obtained from these sources 1) to increase its domestic production capacities and 2) to produce low-cost counterfeit products of famous western brands/products thus gaining a competitive advantage.

F-35 data theft

The example of China stealing data from US F-35 fighter jets is well documented. But there are many other cases in which China has sought competitive information about foreign firms competing with Chinese firms across multiple sectors, including defense, technology, oil, energy, automobiles, and telecommunications.

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