Alfredo del Mazo meets UK Ambassador

The Governor of the State of Mexico, Alfredo del Mazo Maza, meeting with the UK Ambassador to Mexico, John Benjaminwhere various topics of common interest were addressed.

The Head of State, via his official Twitter account, announced part of his agenda for this Monday 9 May, highlighting the meeting with the UK Ambassador to Mexico, John Benjamin, emphasizing some of the topics covered.

“I met the UK ambassador to Mexico, @JonBenjamin19. We talked about issues of mobility, climate change and education,” he wrote on his account on this social network.

for the purpose of Strengthening the relationship and strengthening ties in environmental, educational and mobility issuesDuring this meeting, which was held in the “Adolfo Lopez Mateos” hall of the Government Palace, the Head of State stressed the importance of the entity’s international trade.

In front of diplomatic staff Alfredo del Mazo highlighted that the United Kingdom is the entity’s ninth trading partnerwith 164 companies and foreign direct investment approaching $130.5 million, so far this management.

He explained that there is a technical cooperation agreement between the State of Mexico and the United Kingdom, between the State Economic Development Secretariat and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, in addition to an academic cooperation agreement between the Education Secretariat and the British Council. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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Meeting with the clergy

As part of his agenda this Monday, Governor Alfredo del Mazo Maza also held a meeting with the President of the Interfaith Council of the State of Mexico (CIEMEX), Monsignor Daniel Alberto Medina Beach, with Bishops, bishops and pastors to discuss the role of religious groups in the entity.

In this meeting, the Head of State affirmed his commitment to dialogue with all social sectors and said that the main role of religious associations in shaping the social fabric is evident at the present time. Its teachings and values ​​are fundamental to creating good citizenship.

The Mexican Governor, accompanied by Pedro Mina Alarcón, Head of the Religious Affairs Unit of the State Government of Mexico, emphasized that the entity has worked to ensure religious freedom, as a fundamental right, and acknowledged the interest of this organization in participating in the interests of the collective and creating a reflection among those who make the decisions of the entity.


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