Alert for the eruption of Volcano Fuego (Guatemala), the most active in Central America

La Aurora International Airport in the Guatemalan capital has been closedThe General Directorate of Air Navigation said in a statement, or midday “temporarily.”

The closure occurred due to the presence of ash near the runway, 35 km from volcanoThat broke on Saturday night, as well They had to divert at least two flights that were scheduled to land in La Aurora in the morning, one from Miami and one from Santo Domingo.. Aviation sources said that the situation also delayed the take-off of other planes.

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Likewise, the highway connecting the south and the center of the country remained preventively closed due to the eruption of the Fuego volcano. The road has been closed for “prevention” after material has descended down the slopes of the volcano due to the eruption Highway police spokesman Juan Carlos Aquino told reporters that since Saturday night and before the ash fall.

The official said the closure is taking place on two sections of the RN-14 highway within the jurisdiction of the municipalities of Escuintla and Alotenango, near the colonial city of Antigua, the country’s main tourist hub.

What happened to Fuego volcano and why is there an alert in Guatemala

El Fuego, at 3,763 metres, began a new eruptive phase on Saturday with powerful explosions and ash expulsion.lava flows and the descent of burning volcanic materials (pyroclastic flows).

According to the local volcanology institute, The eruption maintains a “glowing fountain” of lava that exceeds 300 meters above the crater and a column of ash rising more than two kilometers from the summit of the volcano, located between the provinces (provinces) of Escuintla, Chimaltenango and Sacatepéquez.

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scientific entity He also warned that more avalanches are likely to fall Burnt material down the valleys of the volcano.

So far, Civil Protection spokesman Rodolfo Garcia told AFP Evacuations did not have to be carried out And to keep an eye on the development of activity with the leaders of the population near the volcano. He added that because of the wind, Several regions could be affected by the ash fall, including Guatemala Citythe capital, about 35 kilometers from the massif.

What is Fuego volcano?

El Fuego is one of the most active volcanoes in Central America and erupts from it, On June 3, 2018, it caused an avalanche The burning materials that destroyed the community of San Miguel Los Lotus, in Escuintla and part of a highway in Alotenango, killing 215 and a similar number.

In Guatemala, the volcanoes Santiaguito (west) and Pacaya (south) are also active.

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